Virtual Visit

For Current Patients

Below are helpful tips when taking photos when communicating with Drs. Henseler and Kocian. We are always available by phone to answer questions or schedule in-person appointments as needed.

Please text photos and name to (651) 504-2598 and Dr. H / K will review and respond.

1. Things you will need: Your phone, some spoons (plastic or metal) and someone to help (if this is not possible, do your best with selfies). Note: photos are best when in a well-lit area next to a window or with your camera flash on.

2. First two center photos are smiling directly at the camera (showing teeth) followed by a center photo with lips retracted with spoons (be sure you are biting down on back teeth).

Virtual orthodontist
Virtual ortho appointment

3. The right and left side photos of teeth are taken by retracting the lips with your spoons so teeth can be seen. Note: be sure to be biting down on back teeth.

Virtual ortho exam
virtual ortho care

4. Photos of the arches. Tip your head up for the upper and down for the lower, while doing your best to keep lips from coving the teeth.

virtual orthodontic care
Virtual orthodontics